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5 Steps for Getting the Heater Ready for Winter

With chilly winter weather in the future, now is the time to schedule heating maintenance so you’re ready for the winter months. You don’t want a forecast full of frigid temperatures, only to discover that your heater isn’t functioning correctly. Here are a few steps to take to get your heater ready.

Replace Your HVAC System’s Filter

A dirty HVAC filter means that your system has to run longer and harder to produce air to heat or cool your home. Not only does this make it more cumbersome to heat your home on a cold winter day, but it increases your heating bills.

The filth on your filter also impacts your home’s air quality, causing family members with allergies or asthma to experience respiratory problems.

Replace your HVAC filter every season to minimize the stress on your heating system and optimize your home’s air quality.

Dust Your Vents and Registers

Make sure that your registers and vents are clean and dust-free before using your heater. Dirt will obstruct your heater so it’s not as efficient. You should also check that your vents are open all the way to allow for maximum airflow.

Put a Cover on Your Condenser

If your home uses a traditional HVAC unit, invest in a cover for your outside AC condenser. Covering the condenser during the winter prevents ice and debris accumulation that can damage your system.

Remove Any Obstructions from Your Heater

Having furniture, boxes, and containers too close to your heater increases your risk of a house fire. Check that your heater is free and clear of any objects.

Schedule a Maintenance Appointment

Call a professional to schedule an appointment for your heating system. A pro will examine your heating system to make sure it’s working properly and determine if it needs any heating repair.

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