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Heating Services in Kaysville, UT

Here For All Your Heating Needs

Total Home Services of Utah ensures your heating systems are working properly to keep you and your family comfortable in the cold winter months.

Heating Maintenance

Tuning your furnace and having furnace maintenance regularly includes, but is not limited to, replacing the air filter, cleaning flame sensors, inspecting the heat exchanger, cleaning the humidifier, checking the thermostat for proper operation, and cleaning ductwork if needed. Small orifices on the burner manifold may need to be scraped away from any possible buildup. Make sure that the furnace flue is connected to the masonry, otherwise, a leak of carbon monoxide gas could escape.

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Total Home Services of Utah Radiant Heating

Heating Repair

Taking care of the heating systems in your home is essential to maintain long lasting heat and air quality. Total Home Services of Utah has extended experience with different types of radiators including hot water heaters, steam heating, electric heating, and gas heating. We understand each of these heating systems have their own niches and our heating repair experts are well qualified to repair old or inefficient heating systems.

Heating Replacement

Many homeowners grapple with the decision between system replacement and repair. In the case of furnace replacement, we recommend you consider two guiding factors. First, if the cost of repair is more than ⅓ the replacement cost, replacing the furnace may be more economical long-term. Also, if the furnace requires repairs more than twice a year, it’s probably time for a replacement. Age is another important factor to consider; the typical lifespan for a furnace is 10-16 years.

Total Home Services of Utah Heating Replacement
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We provide time estimate after initial check-up

There’s plenty that goes into keeping your home at the perfect temperature – from scheduling maintenance to furnace repair to furnace replacement. Total Home Services of Utah has got you covered on all heating needs. Find out more about our furnace-related services here.

We don’t want you to be paying more than you need. That’s why we provide comprehensive inspections that identify the source of the problem. This way we can recommend the most cost-effective solution that will help your system work more efficiently and save you more energy and money in the long run.

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