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The Importance of Worry-Free Appliance Repair

The majority of Utah homeowners overlook their appliances until they break down and are rendered useless.

The solution is often appliance replacement rather than costly repair.

But good in Kaysville UT can benefit you and save you money.

It’s pretty hard to live without our appliances nowadays; they have become a part of our daily lives.

Don’t take them for granted and give them the proper care they deserve.

Total Home Services of Utah in Kaysville UT can help you avoid problems and headaches related to appliance breakdown.

Longer Lifespan

When appliances are repaired the right way, it will lengthen the lifespan of your machine.

It is always better to hire an experienced and trusted company in Kaysville UT if you face problems with your microwave, refrigerator, or your washer and dryer.

You will discover that your appliances last longer and will have fewer issues in the future when the right company does the repairs for you.

Improved Efficiency

Having your appliances fixed when they only need minor repairs will help improve their overall efficiency.

When you feel like there is something wrong, like strange noises or low performance, have them checked immediately. Don’t make it a habit to wait until they stop working before calling for .

Typical appliances that need repair are your refrigerator, microwave, and washer and dryer.

Decrease Energy Bills

When your appliance is not working correctly, it will burn a hole in your pocket due to higher energy bills.

Another problem with your appliance drawing too much energy to operate is short circuits, which can be a major safety hazard because it can lead to fires.

You should contact your trusted company for in Kaysville UT.

Always Hire The Professionals

Going for cheap repairs is a regular practice, but this could prove more costly in the long run.

The problem is more people opt for unlicensed labor only to end up with more stress and frustration due to incorrect .

Hiring an unprofessional repairman can lead to your appliance breaking down again after a few days.

Professional from Total Home Services of Utah can help you get the best results without paying too much for repair costs.

The higher cost of professional is worth it because you get high-quality and reliable service.

Microwave Repair

Microwave ovens are one of the hardest to repair when it breaks down. Those without experience can’t just open the back and figure out the problem.

Our team of licensed microwave repair experts knows everything about microwaves from the inside out.

We can repair both mechanical and electrical issues that may arise.

Total Home Services of Utah has partnered with microwave sellers who trust us for repair services of units that are still under warranty.

We can fix the following problems with your microwave:

  • No heating
  • Plate stops spinning
  • Unit stops in the middle of cooking
  • Sparking
  • No light inside
  • Power failure
  • Button malfunction
  • Detached door
  • Damaged door switch
  • Foul odor because of the capacitor
  • Triac malfunction

Refrigerator Repair

We don’t want good food to go bad due to a refrigerator issue.

Refrigerators help keep our home-cooked meals fresh and safe.

Once your ref goes offline, you need to act fast to save your meat, dairy, and other perishable products.

It is also not wise to use your refrigerator when it is malfunctioning even when cooling is still working fine.

Doing so will lead to more problems and costly repairs.

We can work on your refrigerator even if it is still under warranty, which can give you more savings.

Give us a call when you face the following issues:

  • Faulty compressor
  • Faulty motor
  • Low level of freon
  • Dirty condenser coils
  • Leakage
  • No ice build-up
  • Door issue
  • Painting

Our licensed refrigerator technicians know everything about refrigerators from the inside out. We can repair all your mechanical and electrical issues and have your appliance working again in no time.

Washer And Dryer Repair

Handwashing can be a tiring experience, especially when your washing machine stops working.

Washers and dryers help us with our daily laundry so we can look our best all the time.

It can be an inconvenience when they start to malfunction or break down completely.

The good news is Total Home Services of Utah can help you with the common problems that need to be repaired by a washing machine and dryer technician.

  • Wiring problems
  • Not spinning
  • Electric ground issues
  • Dryer malfunction
  • Buttons malfunction
  • Water leaks
  • Burning smell
  • Noisy dryer
  • No heat
  • Dryer won’t stop running
  • Circuit breaker tripping
  • Machines vibrates
  • Loud motor noises
  • Door won’t lock
  • Stops mid-cycle
  • Foul odor

Don’t leave your automatic washing machine and dryer in the hands of an unlicensed repairman.

Avoid future headaches by calling our trained and certified washing machine experts today.

They know everything about your washer and dryer from the inside out. Mechanical and electrical problems will be solved so you can enjoy automatic washing again.

Our partnership with leading brand manufacturers allows us to work on your washing machine even while they are still under warranty. This saves you money on repairs.

Call A Professional For In Kaysville, UT

When you perform regular maintenance and clean up of your appliances, the larger the chance that it will last longer without the need for repairs.

There are times, however, that repairs can’t be avoided, so it would be great to have a trusted and reliable company that you can rely on in Utah.

40 Years of Experience

Total Home Services of Utah has over 25 years of experience in the industry, and we are always ready to service home and business owners.

Family Owned Business

We are a family-owned business that are experts in in Kaysville UT. Our team of professionals also offers other services like

We only hire the best technicians who have EPA-Certified Repair Credentials. This gives our customers assurance of the high-quality work that is performed for every project, no matter how big or small.

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