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Water Heater and HVAC Services In Kaysville, UT

Water Heater and HVAC Services

If your furnace is showing signs of trouble or the water heater could be leaking, the appliance and replacement team at Total Home Services of Utah can help. We can install a new high-quality heater so you can stay warm and worry-free. Also, the flow of hot water is always great to have and we can install a water heater.

Hot Water Heaters

Our team at Total Home Services of Utah can help with water heaters. We try to inspect the water heater and identify areas that would need to be updated for improved water heater function. If replacement is necessary, we can help with a recommendation on a standard or tankless water heater. Also, be aware we can help review and do service on the water heater to help with the long-term performance. gif maker 68 gif maker 69

HVAC Heating

The heating system for a home is vital for proper comfort and function in your home. Our team of HVAC professionals strives to provide guidance on maintenance, repair, and replacement. We recommend regular maintenance and inspections of the furnace. The furnace maintenance plans allow our team to identify potential problems. In the event there are some issues, we can recommend the best option for repair or replacement. At Total Home Services of Utah, we are here to assist with key components in your home like the furnace and heating systems.

We Cover Your Appliance Replacement Needs

Total Home Services of Utah has been providing appliance installation and repair services to Northern Utah for over 40 years. We know it’s important to have your furnace installed correctly, so all our appliance installation technicians are highly trained and state-certified. We guarantee every appliance we install as well as the installation labor we perform. Discover why Total Home Services of Utah is a lifelong choice for so many homeowners in Northern Utah.

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