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Water Softener Replacement in Kaysville, UT

Local Water Softener Replacement

If you think your water softener needs attention, the professional team at Total Home Services of Utah can help you with replacement, repair, and installation.

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How Does a Water Softener Work?

You may currently have a water softener in your home, but do you know how it works? The name is actually quite self-explanatory; a water softener is a filtration system that removes the hard water minerals from the water used for drinking and washing.

A water softener tank contains many resin beads with electrically charged ions. At the beginning of the cycle, these beads become full of sodium ions, which are negatively charged. When hard water enters the system, the hard water minerals, calcium, and magnesium, are attracted to the oppositely charged beads. Then, the soft water travels to your washing machine, sink, or shower. gif maker 55

Water Softener Appliance Replacement

Water softeners have an average lifespan of about 10-15 years with proper maintenance and upkeep. There are a few key ways to know if your water softener is malfunctioning. If your skin starts to feel dry or your scalp is itchy, the system may not be working properly. Another sign of possible water softener problems is water spots on your dishes that are very difficult to remove.

If you notice any of these water softener issues, it is best to call a professional from Total Home Services of Utah. Our team of technicians will be able to diagnose any problems and discuss the best solution for your water softener problems, whether that be repair or replacement.

Why Choose Total Home Services of Utah Plumbing Services?

Whatever your plumbing needs are, we provide excellent service quickly and effectively. Our technicians at Total Home Services of Utah are EPA-Certified Repair Technicians, which means they regularly participate in repair courses and meet the current standards in the industry. The Total Home Services of Utah team members are not only experts in plumbing, but also provide additional services, such as:

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Water Heater Repair

Water heaters are an essential part of modern-day life. If you notice any symptoms of a bad water heater, contact Total Home Services of Utah.

Water Softener Repair

A water softener can dramatically enhance one’s way of life. We employ highly certified and experienced technicians to repair water softeners

Garbage Disposal Repair

If your garbage disposal is clogged, leaking or otherwise broken, our highly experienced repair professionals will do all possible to get it working perfectly.

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Water Heater Replacement

If you notice low water pressure, a shortage of hot water, rusting, or any leaking, call the plumbing professionals at Total Home Services of Utah today.

Water Softener Replacement

Contact Total Home Services of Utah if you notice any water softener issues. Our team of technicians will be able to diagnosis the problems.

Garbage Disposal Replacement

We guarantee our work on every garbage disposal we replace, so you can leave the hard work to us while you get on with your busy life!