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Why HVAC Repair and Maintenance is Important for Utah Homeowners?

If you live in Utah, you know that the summer heat can be unbearable while the winter season can get really cold.

Utah is the second driest state in America, behind Nevada

The truth is, you can’t live without a well-functioning HVAC system in your home or building.

What if they break down?

This is when a reliable HVAC repair company comes into play.

Total Home Services of Utah can provide 24-hour Emergency Service the whole year-round.

You can count on us for all your HVAC repair, Plumbing and .

Aircon Tune-Up and Maintenance

Imagine having your AC conking out and its the middle of July. At this time of the year, temperatures in Utah average around 91 degrees F.

It is expected to get even hotter as the days go by.

The good news is, there are simple ways for you to maintain your air conditioner so that you can minimize the chances of having a breakdown.

Keep Shades Closed

This is so simple and will cost you nothing. Your AC will thank you because you don’t need to run him on the highest setting all the time.

Your air conditioner works double time when it has to fight against any source of heat in the home, which in this case is sunlight coming in through your windows.

By closing curtains, drapes, blinds, and shades in all your rooms during the day would allow you to turn down that thermostat down a notch and still keep your space cool and comfortable.

This simple trick can keep the repairman from visiting unless something else comes up.

Place Units in a Cool Portion of the Home

Utah homeowners know that the south side of our properties gets the most amount of sun.

If you have an outside condensing unit you should place it in an area where there is the least amount of sunlight all throughout the day.

The perfect location would be the northern portion of your property so that your condensing unit won’t be under the sun all day.

For homeowners who have a thick patch of trees that can shade your unit then that would be ideal.

You can also place your unit under a canopy or sunshade.

Just remember, the less heat your condensing unit is exposed to, the higher the chance it would last longer without needing repairs.

Change Filters on Schedule

This simple maintenance routine is often overlooked by many homeowners. Central ACs need a filter change on a regular basis.

A dirty filter makes your unit work harder to keep your space cool. The dirty air is also carried directly to your evaporator coil which soils the cooling coils.

The harder your unit works the bigger the chance that it will burn out.

Less cool air gets into your home when you have a clogged filter. This means that you are paying so much for your energy while getting so little in return.

Air filter cleaning is also vital when you have pets in your home. Pet hair and fur can clog up your filters in no time.

You can avoid this situation by replacing your filters once a month during the summer season.

Put Your AC on a Timer

AC usage can be reduced drastically by putting your unit on a timer. This simple trick helps your unit take the needed breaks without changing your level of comfort.

Running your unit non-stop could lead to overtaxing it and eventually having a breakdown.

Most modern units have built-in timers that you can use, just check your manuals to see how to run them.

You can also buy timers at your friendly home supply store.

Having a timer can allow you to program your unit to stay off the majority of the day and turn on an hour or 30 minutes before you get home from work.

You can also program your unit to switch to a lower setting late at night while you are sleeping.

Clean Condenser Coils and Fins

Your condenser and fan unit is placed outside your home. They are exposed to dust, leaves, rain, and wind that can soil the condenser coils.

All those dirt and debris make it harder for the heat to dissipate outside. This results in the heating of your compressor and condenser.

Cleaning your condenser coils is important to avoid overworking your system.

Coil fins also accumulate dust and debris so you should include them when you clean your system. These aluminum fins are cleaned regularly to protect your evaporator and condenser.

Cover Up Unit During Winter

To protect your aircon unit from dust and dirt during the winter season you must place a protective cover over your compressor and condenser unit outside your home.

Unclog Rear Drains

A blockage to your rear drain can leave water collecting inside your AC unit. The water can drip inside your room which can cause you to have a slippery floor.

Water retention in your AC can also lead to higher humidity levels inside your room.

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Call a Professional for HVAC Repair in Utah

When you perform regular maintenance and clean up of your aircon unit the bigger the chance that it will last longer without the need for repairs.

There are times, however, that repairs can’t be avoided so it would be ideal to have a trusted and reliable HVAC repair contractor that you can count on in Utah.

40 Years of Experience

Total Home Services of Utah has more than 25 years of experience in the HVAC industry and they are always ready to service home and business owners.

Family Owned Business

A family-owned business that can service, repair and install HVAC products. They also offer Vent cleaning and Plumbing services.

They only hire the best technicians who have EPA-Certified Repair Credentials. This ensures the high-quality of work that is performed for every project no matter how big or small.

Give us a call at (801) 436-3333 or email us now, we would love to help with your specific needs.

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